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My EDC: ANR Design Master Blaster

Every time my ANR Design Master Blaster holster appears on my Instagram, I get questions about it. It’s my most used holster but I haven’t given it a dedicated post yet, so here we go.

The Master Blaster is a minimalist pistol + magazine combination appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) holster. ANR Design makes this holster only for subcompact, single stack firearms. So, if you carry anything in the Glock Slimline (42/43/43X/48), Sig P365/P365XL/P938, S&W M&P Shield, Springfield XDs, or something of similar size, this might be a good option for you. Check out the Master Blaster builder on ANR Designs website for all makes and models that are available for the Master Blaster.

Let’s break it down.

The Belt Clip

Like most of ANR Design’s IWB holsters, the Master Blaster has one wide belt clip that is fixed with two screws. Most of my other AIWB holsters have two slim belt clips, so this set up did take a bit to get used to when I first started carrying it. I’ve found that the single clip is easy to get on and off my belt and stays firmly in place throughout the day. On some of my other two clip holsters, I sometimes run into issues when positioning my holster on my belt – once I get the holster exactly where I want it, one of the clips will undoubtedly fall right on top of a belt loop on my pants and I’ll have to reposition. That isn’t ever a problem with the Master Blaster.

The Claw

The Master Blaster is available with or without a claw. I prefer the claw, as it aides in concealment. The belt puts pressure on the claw, angling the grip of the firearm in towards the body. The claw makes concealment so much easier, and has enabled me to more easily conceal a +2 extended base pad. The same would go for a firearm with a longer grip, like a G43X or G48 – I could more easily conceal that longer grip with the help of a claw. I don’t think I’ll ever go clawless again!

The Spare Mag

I love having an attached spare magazine carrier on my holster. Where and how to carry a spare magazine can be a challenge for me, and the Master Blaster takes all of the guess work out.

The design of the spare magazine carrier on this holster is a bit unique. Most that I’ve seen have the spare magazine straight up and down. This one angles the magazine away from the firearm with the rounds facing in towards the center of the body. This allows for enough space between firearm and the magazine to prevent any interference upon drawing while still keeping the whole set up relatively small. It also allows the magazine to be drawn at a more comfortable angle. I find this position more natural to draw from and it’s easy to for my hand to find and index the magazine.

The Shape

This holster has a bit of a curve, or a bend in between the firearm and the spare magazine. This helps the holster conform better to the body and aids in concealment. If it were perfectly flat, it would print and it probably wouldn’t be all that comfortable. Our bodies aren’t perfectly flat, so why should our holsters be?

Hopefully, this answers all of the question y’all have had about the ANR Design Master Blaster. If you have more, feel free to ask in the comments below or head on over to ANR Design!