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Ayoub Wines and Life Lessons

Wine can teach us valuable lessons – lessons that don’t only apply to wine, but to life as well. This week’s wine for the Zoom wine meetup reminded me of a couple important lessons: patience is a virtue, and timing is everything.

For this meetup, we explored Ayoub Wines, a small vineyard and winery tucked away in the Dundee Hills, owned and operated by Mo Ayoub. After years of working the winery and vineyard on the weekends and commuting to Silicon Valley during the week for work, Mo has finally made the transition to being a full time winemaker, viticulturist, and proprietor at his estate vineyard and winery. This is one of those that you typically won’t find distributed – your best bet is to buy directly from Ayoub or set up a time for a private tasting. 

For the meetup, I had a bottle of Ayoub’s 2018 Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir (Thanks to @oregon_vinocountry for letting me snag a bottle!). Given its youth and what I’d heard about Ayoub, I had a feeling this wine would take a while to open up and would likely change quite a bit over time. So, I uncorked this bottle the day before the meetup and enjoyed it over the course of three days to see how it would reveal itself.

On day one it was tight and sharp. It wasn’t really expressing itself and the tannins were a bit too assertive for my taste. By day two it had started to open up and mellow out a bit, but still needed time. On day three it had relaxed quite a bit more, with the fruitiness and spice revealing themselves.

Decanting this wine would have sped along this process, but I wanted to allow the wine to take its own journey and see what it would do on its own. We often rush things in life and I’m feeling the need to just slow down and lean into the process at the moment. Patience can be challenging but the reward is worth it, both in wine and in life.

Mo joined the wine meet up to teach us a bit more about his wines and philosophy, and he mentioned that he makes his wine to age – they are not intended to be consumed right away. Many producers make their wine to be enjoyed as soon as possible and we often see younger vintages being marketed as, “drink it now!”. Ayoub is not one of those. Ayoub wines are made to be held on to and enjoyed five to ten years in the future (or even more). 

Like I mentioned before, timing is everything! What this bottle really needed was more time in the bottle. I’m glad I opened it and got to experience it for what it is now, but man… I wish I had another one to save for a few more years! I’m sure it would be incredible with time. I will definitely be visiting Ayoub Wines (hopefully very soon) to pick up a few bottles to hold on to.

Thank you to Mo and Ayoub Wines for reminding me of these lessons! Patience and timing come into play in so many ways, and I love experiencing lessons like these through wine.

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